Trash Racks & Bar Screens

A Trash Rack, also called a Trash Screen or Bar Screen, is a heavy-duty water screen system with a series of horizontal and vertical welded flat bars. Trash Racks are installed to prevent large and potentially harmful debris such as trees, branches, trash etc. from entering a water intake system, while maintaining the required flow rate.

Our engineers collaborate with our customers to create custom specifications for Trash Racks and Bar Screens to meet both the environment and the application they are to be installed.  This includes a wide range of bar thickness, bar spacing engineered lifting lugs and project-specific requirements.

Trash Rack with engineered lifting points

Fabrication Material

We fabricate our Trash Rack and Bar Screen systems in:

  • Carbon steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • T304 stainless steel
  • T316 stainless steel

System Design & PE Certification

The final design will receive a PE certification stamp if required. We design our Water Screen Systems per ASD (Allowable Stress Design) specifications. The PE stamp confirms our calculations that the screens and frames can withstand the loading from the forces due to the given flow rate, the dimensions of the water intake opening, and screen clogging percentage.


Custom designed Trash Rack with 3 bolted together vertical sections for water intake.

Trash Racks with heavy duty frames for water intake at an oil refinery

Industry & Application Experience

Cambridge Water Screen Systems specializes in the designs and fabrication of custom large scale Trash Racks and Bar Screens for multiple applications including:

  • Cooling or processing water at power plants and industrial facilities
  • Stormwater
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Agricultural
  • Other

Trash Rack (20 feet tall)  with 2 inch x 2 inch opening

Trash Rack Design Experience

  • New construction
  • Replacement projects
  • Designed with guide channels for installation and cleaning or anchored to the intake wall
  • Reverse Engineering – We also have significant experience in reverse engineering old systems to then repair or replace damaged equipment

Trash Rack with raised vertical bars

Reverse engineered trash rack with mesh overlay. One of 6 (12 foot wide) interlocking vertical sections shown. Part of a 60-foot sectional system at a power plant that is installed when their large traveling screens are pulled out of the river for maintenance.

Close up view of one of the interlocking vertical sections

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