About Us

Cambridge Water Screen Systems is a Regal Rexnord company, the largest manufacturer of metal converting and engineered woven mesh in the food processing, industrial, filtration, packaging, and architectural industry. Our journey began almost a century ago in Cambridge, Maryland, weaving wire cloth for locals and other customers, like Thomas Edison  and other important figures of the time.

In 1998, after six decades of substantial growth, we merged with Maryland Wire Belt and became Cambridge International. It wasn’t until 2016 that Rexnord acquired our company before its merge with Regal Beloit in 2021, to become what is known today as Regal Rexnord.

Regal Rexnord is now the leading solutions provider in the global motor and power transmission market, with more than five-billion-dollars in assets.

The merger granted us access to a complete portfolio of complementary products across their powertrain, including partner brands from Rexnord and Regal Beloit alike, such as : Regal’s Browning, Grove Gear, Hub City, Jaure, KopFlex, McGill, ModSort, Sealmaster, and System Plast brands like PMC’s Berg, Centa, Falk, Rexnord, Stearns brands, and more.

What We Do

Cambridge Water Screen Systems offers a wide range of custom engineered water screening solutions for manufactured and natural water sources. Among our most notable manufactured products, we offer:

Traveling Water Screens

Stationary Water Screens

Trash Racks and Bar Screens


These systems are also referred to as Rotary Screens, Cooling Tower Screens, Intake Screens, Pump Screens and Trash Screens.

We are the leading provider in water screen system replacement, debris removal, and water flow protection solutions all over the United States. Our team of expert engineers provide critical information in system selection and design, especially when involved early in the planning process. We evaluate the type and specifications of the system based on your site, performance criteria, and the surrounding environment to bring you a custom made solution for your industry.

Capabilities & Industries Served

We cover  a wide range of environments and industries:

  • Protecting pumps and downstream systems
  • Heat reduction systems (cooling towers)
  • Water used in processing
  • Refineries and petrochemical manufacturing plants
  • Power plants
  • Municipal and agricultural projects

Professional Engineer (PE) Certified Design

Every Cambridge Water Screen System is an engineered solution project that receives a Professional Engineer (PE) certification stamp. This certification shows that the system will withstand the forces of water flow, the dimensions of the water intake opening, and the screen clogging percentage.

We design our screens per ASD (Allowable Stress Design) specifications to verify that the screens and frames can withstand the loading from the water.


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