Stationary Water Screens

Screening is an essential part of reducing the environmental impact of harmful debris. A stationary screen eliminates rags, paper, plastics, and metals to avoid harm and blockages in downstream equipment, pipes, and accessories. Investing in water screens reduces labor costs and improves the flow conditions of water sources.

At Cambridge Water Screen Systems, we provide screening solutions for all applications, including agriculture and heat reduction. We are the nation’s leader in wastewater and water processing systems, with a team of professionals dedicated to our craft.

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Example Stationary Water Screens in Cooling Tower Basin 12 feet wide x 25 feet tall

What are stationary water screens?

A Stationary Water Screen is an engineered debris filtering system with frames, structural support, and a woven mesh overlay. This type of water screening system filters works on manufactured water sources like cooling tower basins and pump houses and natural water sources like rivers and lakes. Unlike stop logs that are designed to reduce water volume, once stationary screens are obstructed with debris, they are lifted out of the water, cleared, and washed before their subsequent use.

This processing system is typically used for smaller volumes of water source debris and has a lower front cost than other water screens.

Large Stationary Screen Maintenance

Large stationary screens installed on natural water sources like rivers and lakes require occasional maintenance. Cambridge Water Screen Systems designs and fabricates custom stationary water screen systems installed in front of a Traveling Water Screen to manage debris and prevent outages.

These systems can be designed as one complete unit or as multiple sections latched together. These custom systems are designed with significant framing and bracing to maintain structural integrity and a 3/8″ mesh overlay to support wastewater management.

Fabricated guide channels are available as either bolted to the water intake structure or embedded in the concrete (embedded guides shown in picture).

Example of fabricated guide channels bolted to the water intake (sump) wall.

Also shows the engineered lifting lugs Top view of fabricated guide channels and lifting lugs.

Example of water intake (sump) openings prior to installing Stationary Water Screens.

Example of the same water intake with Stationary Water Screens (20 feet tall) installed with fabricated guide channels that are anchored to the concreate (see below for a view from the top)

Example Stationary Water Screens with fabricated guide channels bolted to the water intake (sump) wall. Also shows the engineered lifting lugs.

Example of Custom Stationary Water Screen system for municipal water intake on a river

with multiple opening at varying depths and guide channels to lift to the surface for cleaning.

What Sets Our Stationary Screens Apart?

Cambridge stationary water screens are custom-made per customer specifications and specific engineered solutions. Our water screens are typically designed as two screen systems for front and rear water intakes. They are developed with engineered lifting points and a debris basket to catch waste as it is lifted from the water.
● There are no size limitations.
● System designs receive a Professional Engineer (PE) certification “stamp.”
● Available in galvanized, T304, and T316 and with optional mesh opening sizes
● We also offer a Hybrid Traveling Water Screen that rotates with an electric drill.

Why Choose Us?

Cambridge Water Screen Systems has been the global leader in conveying and static mesh systems for over a century. Our high-quality products are used nationwide in food processing, industrial businesses, filtration equipment, packaging, and architectural projects. Partnering with Cambridge Water Screen Systems is choosing longevity, quality, and professionalism. There is no other water screening company like ours.

Example of custom Stationary Screen as one complete unit, with pressure relief door

Example of custom Stationary Screen for Traveling Water Screen Maintenance with 6 latching sections (12 feet wide x 40 feet tall)

(Also see photo below)

Example of Custom Stationary Screen for Traveling Water Screen Maintenance showing one of the latching sections. Note the Trash Rack like structure for strength with the wire mesh overlay for debris management. 

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