Capabilities & Industries Served

Our experience covers a wide range of environments and industries:


  • Protecting pumps and downstream systems 
  • Cooling Towers (Heat reduction systems) 
  • Water used in processing 
  • Preventing invasive fish eggs from entering hatcheries 


  • Chemical and other manufacturing plants 
  • Power plants 
  • Fish Hatcheries 
  • Municipal & Agricultural projects 

Cambridge Water Screen Systems provides custom engineered solutions and manufacturing of Traveling and Stationary Water Screen Systems, as well as, Trash Racks, Bar Screens, Stop Logs and associated water screen system components, and other custom solutions for water intake debris removal.

Traveling or Stationary Water Screens are also referred to as cooling tower, fish escapement, exclusion, intake, pump, or bar screens. Ask us about custom solutions for Entrainment and Impingement compliance associated with the EPA Clean Water Act, Regulation Section 316(b).

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